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Soldier Boy

Okay, this is just a little weird in a funny way. And desperate.

We know that politicians are always talking up their military experience, if they have any; and sometime fabricating it if they don’t.

Sukhee Soldier

A campaign advisor must have told Mr. Sukhee Kang that he really needed to remind voters in the 29th State Senate District that he is a veteran. It might help – after all Sukhee has only lived in Fullerton a few months, nobody knows who he is,  and everybody loves a vet, right? Sukee’s website devotes an entire section to dwell upon Sukhee’s military service.

The odd thing about this pitch is that Sukhee didn’t serve in our army; he was a non-com soldier in the 70s during the South Korean regime of Park Chung-hee, a quasi-dictator (later assassinated) whose government demanded compulsory military conscription. Now, to be fair, Sukhee isn’t hiding the fact that he didn’t serve in our military, but he’s trying real hard to make his experience relevant.

Somehow, some cynical campaign consultant believes this poofed-up narrative of an utterly unremarkable record can be used to prove Sukhee’s patriotism, devotion to duty, and even more tenuously, his affinity with American servicemen.

I am reminded of how in Irvine, Sukhee’s former running buddies – Agran and Krom pretended to be all gung-ho about a military cemetery at the Great Park, when in reality they just wanted to stall and embarrass the new council majority that got stuck with their 10 years of Great Park corruption and mismanagement. Of course their sympathies seem to be  more with exploitable dead veterans than with living ones.



Hacked By Sports16 // Turkhackteam.org // Anka Tim

Hacked By Sports16 // Turkhackteam.org // Anka Tim

Hacked by Turkhackteam

Hacked by Turkhackteam | Göktürk Operation | www.turkhackteam.org

Whose Mayor?

It' "local". Local to somewhere!

It’ “local”. Local to somewhere!

Sukhee Kang has a little problem. How do you introduce yourself to the voters when you are trying hard as Hell to keep them from knowing you moved into their community for one reason only: to run for office.

A friend of mine got a piece of political Sukheemail yesterday and quickly recognized that while Sukhee claimed experience as a “local mayor,” he didn’t say where he was mayor, which of course was Irvine – nowhere near the 29th State Senate District.

The new address was somewhere in Fullerton. Everything else was kinda fuzzy...

The new address was somewhere in Fullerton. Everything else was kinda fuzzy…

Most politicians just love to talk all about their accomplishments. Poor Suhhee can’t for two very good reasons. First, his record as Mayor of Irvine was a disastrous kaleidoscope of embarrassment, carrying water for the crooked and yet remarkably inept Boss Agran.

In better days before the Grand Jury report...

In better days before the Grand Jury report…

Everybody now knows about the Great Park failure and all the attendant graft, just like they know about the $16 per ride Irvine iShuttle. Second, Sukhee can’t even mention Irvine anyhow , because if he does, he will just re-emphasize the stinky carpetbagger aroma he has cultivated around himself.

Now there's a clear message!

Now there’s a clear message!

What is poor Sukhee to do?

Welcome to Pinehurst!

In his scampaign to represent us in the California State Senate, shameless carpetbagger Sukhee Kang keeps promising that he he will be knocking on the doors of voters to introduce himself. Too bad you, his lowly, would-be constituents can’t knock on his door. You see, when Sukhee and Mrs. Sukhee,  recently of Irvine, moved to Fullerton (three months after announcing his candidacy) they found a cozy home – behind a security gate.

No, you can't come in. Unless you are Esmeralda, Sukhee's house cleaner.

No, you can’t come in…not unless you are Esmeralda, Sukhee’s house cleaner.

It’s not a little place, either, despite the idiotic lie that the Sukhees were downsizing. It’s one of those McMansions high atop the east Coyote Hills and it overlooks a golf course.

When the kids moved out a smaller place was needed.

When the kids moved out a smaller place was needed.

So this Man of the People moved to Fullerton and immediately sequestered himself and the Missus from the very people he says he cares sooooo much about. Maybe he’s really afraid of us.

Gotta keep up standards. No riffraff permitted. CC&Rs say so.

Gotta keep up standards. No riffraff permitted. CC&Rs say so.




Sukhee Wrote a Book!

The next Hemmingway...

The next Hemmingway…

Well, it looks like a book cover. That’s a real powerful possibility.

In reality, it’s one of those stupid and humiliating “vanity” books that you pay to have published to make yourself look good; or at least semi-literate. And nobody is fooled. Ever.

And so “author” Sukhee Kang regales a would-be reader with the utterly unremarkable story of an immigrant who just had the good sense to hightail it out of some Third World mess for greener pastures in States. The story’s been told a million times.

Look closely and please note the reference to Irvine under The Sukester’s elbow : a “major city.” Only in the ego-driven mind of the former Mayor of Irvine does this banal little pond of beige stucco qualify as a major American city. But that fiction goes right along with his claim of Irvine making a fictional FBI “safest city” list.

So far we have seen Sadsack Sukhee as a phony professor. Well hell, Perfesser got to write a book, no? It’s publish or perish for the man whose ballot statement claims to be a “university educator.”





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Barney Wewak Condemns Carpetbaggers!

O Sukheewatch readers, at the prompting of “nipsey” I herewith present you with an opinion piece on political carpetbaggery penned by one of our oldest friends. It is a reprint of a piece that first appeared on the famous Friends for Fullerton’s Future site way back in 2010  – when carpetbagging was all the rage in north orange County. Enjoy!

Dear Readers, we have just received a communication from our old Friend – 1974 Troy High School exchange student and Papuan Highlands tribe Headman, B’rni “Barney” Wewak, who opines on the subject of political carpetbaggers. The text has been faithfully translated from the original Sepik dialect, as ever, by the FFFF Australo/Oceania Languages and Linguistics Department .

Barney Wewak shares the wisdom of his ancestors…

Greetings, dear friends in beautiful Southern California, where a beneficent sun shines warmly upon the succulent bosoms of your beautiful womenfolk and luscious orange fruit is plucked freely from every tree!

News has reached me that in your upcoming election for County Headman, the people of my wonderful adopted Fullerton have been plagued by a swarm of outsiders pretending to be your friends and who want to lead you. Do not be fooled for an instant! These people are like the flies on an open wound. Parasites! Interlopers! When they are done feasting on your harvest of taro and your reserve of tapir flesh, they will certainly move on, seeking other choice banquets and leaving your tribe starving and bereft.

And so I urge you to reject these foul miscreants and send them back to their own wretched tribes wherever those may be. Be always mindful to protect your honor and the honor of your ancestors who ever look down upon your deeds.

And so farewell, Friends. May the tree bark grubs fall effortlessly onto your banana leaf; may your women remain fertile and generous; and may the sweet mangoes be always plentiful.

Barney Wewak D. Lit, Cantab.

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