Sukhee’s “Safe City”

He was hardly there at all...

He was hardly there at all…

One thing you could always count on from Irvine’s Larry Agran Machine (besides graft and self-promotion) was the annual claim to be America’s Safest City.

How three dumb politicians could take any credit for the comparative safety of Irvine is beyond me, but politicians crave credit and dodge blame whenever they can, and whenever anybody will let them.

Irvine is predominately middle, upper middle class white, with lots of nice quiet Asians; the demographics of a city that was created out of whole cloth less than 50 years ago is what keeps Irvine safe from violent crime, although the white collar sort is a different matter.

But here’s an OC Register story that debunks the Agran/Krom/Kang claim. It turns out that the City just made up the title “America’s Safest City” and bestowed it upon themselves. How’s that for shameless? Apparently, the FBI doesn’t keep track of that and argues that it is misleading.

Now Sukhee, the carpetbagger who wants to represent us in the State Senate, is bound to brag about how safe Irvine was in his tenure there. Well, he certainly can’t brag about anything he’s done in our district, can he? He’s only lived here a few months.

And sure enough, here’s a direct quotation from The Suke’s campaign website:

As mayor and councilmember of Irvine, he was proud that that city was ranked by the FBI for eight years in a row as the safest big city in America with a population over 100,000.

I guess after awhile the politician starts believing his own lies.

So let’s remind Suke that we are on to his annual Safest City lie, and remind him that north Orange County is full of aging cities with established gangs, and lots of the disagreeable sorts of people who commit violent crime. This ain’t Irvine, Sukkee, even though you bought an expensive house in the hills to avoid the riffraff.Watch Ungodly Acts (2015) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

You ain’t in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.


  1. Good luck on trying to make the 29th state district the “safest” cities in this district in North Orange County if safety is the Carpetbagger’s priority. Cities with gangs includes parts of Anaheim, Northern portion of Cypress, parts of Buena Park, west and central portions of Fullerton, parts of La Habra, parts of Placentia, and portions of Stanton. Details can be found here . Cities with no gang territories include Brea and Yorba Linda. No surprise at all since most cities in California has seen an increase in crime over the years during the economic downturn. That includes Irvine for example. No city in Orange County, California, and nationwide is immune to any types of crimes. Take a look at Neigborhood Scout’s website on the safest cities list and you will see that Irvine is not on the list .

  2. Dems Against Suhkee

    December 20, 2015 at 12:17 am

    Should we pose the question to Suhkee on how he is going to make our cities safe? We’ll give Suhkee a moment to review his flashcards. Ahhh, forget it. Didn’t you hear? Suhkee’s Safe City Plan lets you eat whatever you want and lose weight!

  3. I Remember Sukhee

    December 21, 2015 at 8:08 am

    I doubt if you’ll see The Sukester knocking on any doors in La Habra.

  4. ‘Tam, ma boy Suke he all publick safetee now but in the day he mess up some nastee sizzurp ‘n go off on the ride man. That boy know how to partay.

  5. Have you heard of La Habra’s Mayor, James Gomez (R)? It appears that the Mayor of La Habra thinks Suhkee is just fine and dandy to represent La Habra and has been seen paling about with Suhkee, his compadres and chamber buddies. The good Mayor of La Habra has come out and publicly and in written form, profusely commended Suhkee for his years of public service. Though I don’t see Mr. Gomez listed as a official endorser on the Sukster’s page, he appears to be under Suhkee’s spell.

    Rose Espinoza (D), another La Habra City Council member desperate for the limelight, is listed on Suhkee’s webpage as a official supporter/endorser of our friend Suhkee.

    More silly politicians desperate for attention and not really looking out for North Orange County’s best interests.

    • James Gomez is a RINO and loyal Republicans don’t endorse Democratic candidates. Look at Michelle Park (R) who is another RINO who endorsed Sukhee Kang for Irvine mayor back in 2009.

      • Here’s a blog from ocpoliticsblog: . This website actually mentions about Michelle Steel endorsing Sukhee Kang for mayor back in 2009. A RINO who manage to break party lines just to endorse Kang regardless of party affiliation.

        Here’s a quote from this website, “Sukhee Kang was a disaster as a Democrat Irvine councilman and mayor — he was the third leg of the liberal stool that ruled Irvine for years and helped lose over $200 million in planning (but not actually building) the Great Park. Kang’s political allies were the corrupt Democrats Larry Agran and Beth Krom. Kang is no longer on the Irvine Council, and will hopefully never return. Our friend Allan Bartlett, currently an Irvine Finance Commissioner, was especially critical of Steel’s endorsement of fellow Korean Kang at the time. Allan has also been an OC GOP Central Committee member. The bottom line here is that loyal Republicans do NOT endorse Democrats — and especially shysters like Kang.”

  6. FUCK SUKHEE KANG! This idiot from Irvine thinks it’s completely okay to get away from the Great Park disaster and run for state senate in my district which he doesn’t even know about since this fool has just lived in Fullerton for couple of months now. It doesn’t matter if voters are a Democrat, Independent, or Republican, defeat him next year in the primary since we have two announced candidates running against Kang. History about Kang’s run for partisan office includes losing a congressional bid to John Campbell back in 2012 and didn’t seek reelection to Irvine city council because he thinks that he can defeat John Campbell since Republicans have a significant advantage over voter registration, tries to make a comeback last year for city council which the run was aborted, and now he has aspirations for state senate? This is full of arrogance this idiot is expressing and how much power he wants! State law requires one year of residency when running for office, but this will still be considered carpetbagging even for living in a different area for at least one year. I hope the voters in the 29th district I live in are not informed enough to vote for Kang because he would be a horrible replacement for Bob Huff which he is terming out next year! I have heard that the state senate pro tem Kevin De Leon is telling all Democrats to endorse Kang or else lose out on support with fundraising and endorsements for example. Absolutely disgusting and undemocratic! This fool may have a impressive list of “meaningless endorsements” but his record is what voters should be looking in closely. Claims he is “fiscally conservative” when he, Agran, and Krom has wasted around $200,000,000 instead of building the Great Park. Kang is fiscally conservative with the money in his wallet but not the taxpayers! He might as well withdraw from the state senate bid because he is not going to win anyways despite of having a political strategist who is Gary South which is still not going to help. Also that “safest city” Sukhee claims is total bullshit since crime has be rising in these recent years and there has been reports of robberies and other types of property crime throughout Irvine. I have friends who are Chinese and Taiwanese and I know they would not vote for any candidate who is carpetbagging especially with a horrible record from another city! FUCK SUKHEE KANG 2016! Larry Agran, Sukhee Kang, and Beth Krom should be facing jail time over all these years of Great Park mismanagement. Enough with these self serving politicians! Don’t be voting in a candidate because he or she has the same ethnicity especially with Asian voters. Vote for a candidate that best represents the community. Absolutely disgusted with both parties trying the Asian strategy to get out votes.

  7. The way how Kang can make our cities the “safest” is taking away guns from law abiding citizens while criminals and terrorists still have access to guns. Proof that gun control laws don’t work shows as an example in San Francisco where a Kate Steinle was killed by a illegal alien despite of the city’s strict gun control laws. California already has one of the most restrictive gun control laws in this country thanks to these crooks that run our state.

    • Also don’t forget the recent terrorist attacks in San Bernardino as well. Another proof that gun control laws don’t work. Enough with extremist politicians like Sukhee Kang.

  8. Recent article from OC register shows that Irvine’s neighboring city which is Costa Mesa has rose up to thirty-three percent. Besides Costa Mesa, Irvine has seen significant increases in crime. . Significant increases of crime in Irvine includes Theft/Larceny which is up at thirty-seven percent percent, motor vehicle theft is up sixty-one percent, and robberies are up eighteen percent in Irvine. Looks like Irvine is no longer one of the “safest” cities in America. Again for Sukhee Kang’s claim for Irvine being the nation’s safest city, FAIL!

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