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  1. No Carpetbaggers in Fullerton!

    April 28, 2016 at 10:22 am

    So what do you want? Honest? Consistency?

    You can forget that.

  2. Just Off Euclid

    April 28, 2016 at 12:28 pm

    In her campaign propaganda Squirk brags about being a full-time 3rd Grade teacher. And yet it’s obvious she didn’t want to be one anymore in 2012, 2014 or again in 2016.

    Hey it’s all about the kids!

    • Yeah, typical political type. They think people are too dumb to read their stupid literature and recognize the blatant bullshit.

  3. Sharon Share Alike is the motto I live by.

  4. I reckon Barney Wewak would have a thing or two to say about this.

    • Haven’t heard anything from Barney in years. If you are aware of his whereabouts please let us know.

      • Joe Sipowicz

        May 2, 2016 at 1:42 pm

        Hey didn’t Barney opine on the carpetbaggetry of Ackerwoman way back in 2009?


  5. He’s living in Borneo. Duh.

  6. Fullertonian United Against Suhkee

    May 1, 2016 at 7:39 am

    Poor Ms. Quirk Silva! My wife told me that the democrats are rallying and circling the wagons around her to help save her hurt feelings over Tony Bushala’s vicious attacks and maligning her character. Ridicules. The truth hurts.

    Quirk-Silva is a trusted leader in Fullerton and a previous elected official. She is supposed to be out for our best interests not hers. She’s trying her hardest to smooth talk us into accepting this gentleman, Mr. Kang, into our community. His record in Irvine is not a good one.

    Shame on, Ms. Quirk-Silva for giving Mr. Kang her blessing. This whole thing makes me question her integrity and her ability to serve.

    I’m a Democrat who voted for Sharon Quirk-Silva in the last election cycle and will not be voting for her this time around. Never in a million years would I have thought that she would turn on us in this way to please Sacramento special interests. It’s a shame but my family and friends agree. She’s lost our vote.

  7. A campaign piece masquerading as an opinion essay, written by Ms. Quirky and published in the Voice of OC. Quirk still doesn’t get it. We don’t care about her personal finances. That’s her personal business. So what exactly does she think we are going to learn about Young Kim from having her personal finances being released? What a joke!

    Here is something that Quirk-Silva can’t undo or fix. The Sacramento crowd offered her their support in order to screw us over with the disgraced ex-Mayor of Irvine. She accepted. With one clean stroke, she let the world know that her morals and integrity are for sale and that her campaign and getting re-elected is far more important to her than advocating for good government for us.

    Without another thought towards her constituents well-being, she presented to us the guy that is at the center of one of the greatest public works mismanagement in the history of the State. I’m more interested in hearing what went behind that decision than accounting for Quirk’s personal pennies. That’s what the IRS is for. More deflection of bad decisions and smoke in mirrors from Quirk.

    “I’ve spent my adult life serving my community. I’ve been a classroom teacher for 30 years, served as Mayor of Fullerton, and represented a portion of Orange County in the state legislature from 2012-2014.

    In each of these roles I have placed a high value on communication, accountability, and openness. In teaching that has meant parents of my students have a greater connection to their child’s progress in the classroom and the ability to get answers when problems arise. As an elected official I’ve worked directly with people to help them get the most from the government that’s supposed to serve them.

    Openness and transparency are more important than ever. As I’ve watched public discourse become more and more sour over my lifetime, people have increasingly lost faith in our political system. I consider it a personal responsibility to do my part to restore confidence that public service can bring about positive change, and openness and accountability from our elected leaders is a key to that.

    That’s why as a member of the state assembly, I wrote the law (Assembly Bill 409) creating a system for elected officials to disclose their economic interests online, making it easier for regular citizens and media outlets to access these reports and hold elected officials accountable.

    Now, as a candidate for state assembly, I am taking personal responsibility and transparency to the next level.

    Taxpayers need to know that elected leaders are playing by the same rules they are and paying their fair share. We can only be taken seriously as keepers of taxpayer money if we show we’re invested as much as everyone else.

    That’s why I’m opening up my personal finances for public scrutiny. I have released five years of tax returns spanning 2011 thru 2015. My husband and fellow teacher, Jesus, and I believe sacrificing a little bit of our privacy is worth giving you a greater sense that your interests come first with me.

    It is my hope that my opponent, Young Kim, shares these views and will join me in this effort to raise people’s confidence in their elected officials and release her taxes as well. Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders, and John Kasich have all seen the wisdom of openness and released their taxes.

    I have sent Ms. Kim a letter inviting her to do the same and will let you know when I hear back from her.”

    Sharon teaches 3rd grade students fulltime in the Fullerton School District. She is running in the 65th Assembly District, which includes Buena Park, Cypress, Fullerton, La Palma, Stanton and most of West Anaheim.


  8. I’ll tell you what SQS says about this: Where was you guys’ outrage when Young Kim carpetbagged in 3 years ago, and we’re so upset about Sukhee now?

    I don’t support Sukhee or Young Kim, but just saying, it gets a little dizzying with everyone throwing around charges of double standards.

    I’ll help out: Tony was winded that year, and also maybe not quite as viscerally repulsed by Young Kim.

    • So we are obliged to make a big stink whenever somebody carpetbags?

      The topic of this post is Squirk’s double standard for a Democrat who’s been anointed by the greasy hucksters in Sacramento. She’s the one who needs to be worried about her own hypocrisy.

      I’ve been watching this profile in courage take every opportunity to avoid taking a stand on something – anything – for years.

      I’m thinking we may need to start a blog dedicated to all the chances this person has had to do the right thing and how she deliberately passed them by. Too scary.

      BTW be sure to ask Squirk if she’s been invited to any functions at Sukhee’s new pad – a million dollar McMansion in a gated estate overlooking a golf course.

    • And another thing: please ask Squirk what she thinks about Sukhee’s shitty record in Irvine and she likes about his skill set.

      Let’s get specific.

      • Yes, let’s hear exactly what Quirk likes in Suhkee, shall we?
        He’s about to torpedo her campaign due to her own poor judgement.

        So far, the big takeaway from Quirk’s actions is that we are not missing anything with her being termed out.

    • Anaheim Revenger

      May 3, 2016 at 2:54 pm

      In other words, Vern, Sharon has absolutely nothing to say on the topic. She’s fine with it and feels she has absolutely no reason to apologize. She’ll do as she pleases.


      I’m not voting for someone that changes their definition of integrity based on one’s political affiliations. That’s not leadership; that’s partisanship.

      We’re better than that.

    • “I’ll help out: Tony was winded that year, and also maybe not quite as viscerally repulsed by Young Kim.”

      I’ll help out, too. I was (and am) viscerally repulsed by Sharon Quick Silver. She’s so much like a blob of mercury. If she ever takes a stand a sticks to it, I’ll be amazed.

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