Hacked By Sports16 // Turkhackteam.org // Anka Tim

Hacked By Sports16 // Turkhackteam.org // Anka Tim


  1. Just Off Euclid

    May 14, 2016 at 8:25 am

    Beautiful. Thanks for making my day!

    Sukhee the fraud is losing the psychological war.

    • No Love For Suhkee

      May 14, 2016 at 7:55 pm

      Hahahahahaha! Comedy! Suhkee’s beginning to crack.

      No Kang! No Irvine carpetbaggers!

  2. Stanton Democrat

    May 14, 2016 at 12:45 pm

    That’s a really large Sukhee Kang banner sign. Looks like Kang is using his shameless techniques to get out the vote. Until the anti Kang shows up, Kang will not be able to make it past the primary and/or the general election! No Kang! Vote Newman!

  3. Recommended candidates for districts within 29th state senate district for June 7, 2016 primary.

    39th Congressional: For GOP voters, Ed Royce. For DEMS, No recommendation because Brett Murdock is also just as disgraced as Sharon Quirk Silva and he also endorsed the carpetbagger for state senate. More information about Murdock can be found here at http://www.breacleansweep.org/ . He was voted out of city council back in 2014 due to his incompetent record. Also to mention, Murdock was endorsed by a carpetbagger for congress against Ed Royce and yet, Murdock is not that well known around North OC. He is known to be a establishment candidate. (Note: Any politician or candidate who supports a disgraced carpetbagger should be voted against which is politicians like Sharon Quirk Silva) Seat remains strongly Republican at 6 percent advantage.

    29th State Senate district: For GOP voters, No recommendation. For Democrats who are tired of establishment candidates, the best choice will be Josh Newman because Kang’s incompetency and disastrous record in Irvine has no place in the 29th state senate district. No to Ling Ling Chang but here is this interesting website: http://www.linglinglies.com/ and yet she is another RINO just like Young Kim and also has pretty bad votes. The seat is at toss-up despite of Republicans having a 2 percentage advantage but this seat is expected to be more competitive than 2012.

    55th Assembly district: Mike Spence. For DEMS, Gregg Fritchle. This seat leans strongly Republican with a 8 percent advantage.

    65th Assembly district: GOP and DEM: No recommendation because Quirk Silva endorsed his hapless sack for state senate. Young Kim is a RINO, a carpetbagger, and her votes as a assembly member is not looking that great. This seat is a toss-up and Democrats have a two percent advantage which the seat will become competitive as Quirk Silva seeks to take back her seat she lost in 2014.

    • Stanton Democrat

      May 16, 2016 at 5:50 am

      You forgot congressional district 47 which represents my city. What is your recommendations for congress? My representative is Alan Lowenthal.

      • I knew that one or more congressional districts within 29th state senate I forgot to list. For 47th congressional: Andy Whallon because Allan Lowenthal is a listed as one of the least effective house of representatives http://members-of-congress.insidegov.com/stories/5278/least-effective-members-congress#18-Rep-Alan-S-Lowenthal . Despite of being the least effective, Andy Whallon may be the best of luck but republicans don’t have a chance in this district because of Long Beach which tilts the whole district a being a Democrat majority which is considered as Safely Democrat with a 16 percent advantage.

        The 46th congressional district: No Recommendations because Lou Correa, Joe Dunn and Bao Nguyen endorsed this hapless carpetbagger for state senate. DEMS has a 19 percent advantage in this district.

        If no candidate appeals your vote for one, leave the section blank which is known as a protest vote.

      • And don’t forget that Alan Lowenthal also endorsed this hapless clown for state senate as well.

    • Democrats against Silkhee Kang

      May 16, 2016 at 7:15 am

      As a moderate voter in North OC, I will stick with Royce for congress. Murdock lost my vote and like you mentioned, he is not that well known and he endorsed Silkhee Kang the pathetic carpetbagger and his record in his prior position in Brea is not great. I will pledge to vote against any candidate who dares to endorse a Irvine newbie for state senate.
      For state senate, I will go for a more anti-establisment Josh Newman because Kang does not deserve my vote because of his long history of wrongdoing and lies. Ling is not any better because of her lies but Kang lies as much as Ling does which makes me assume that Kang is the worst plus the years of incompetency.

      For the assembly district, I will vote for neither because Quirk Silva and Kim is just as bad as each other. Another vote lost for Quirk Silva because of her support for a carpetbagger despite of condemning Young Kim back in 2014 for carpetbagging.

    • Anaheim Democrat

      May 16, 2016 at 7:57 am

      Couldn’t agree with you more on Brett Murdock from Brea. Murdock endorsed Kang and quite frankly he has done Brea no good for years. But don’t take my word for it. Do the research, he’s just not a good guy or a good candidate.

      With regards to CD 46 (Joe Dunn,Lou Correa, and Bao Nguyen)… I believe that Joe Dunn has not endorsed Kang. Only Correa and Nguyen have endorsed Kang.

      AD 65…. Both candidates are huge disappointments and party hacks. I don’t recommend either Quirk-Silva or Kim for this position. Neither will get my vote.

      We need more candidates like Josh Newman (Senate District 29) to step up to the plate to run. I’m very impressed by him and hope that he moves to the next stage in the election.

      No more party hacks. No carpetbaggers! No Kang!

  4. The reality is that the Dems better hope Sukhee loses to Newman. The Republicans would eviscerate this hapless clown carpetbagger who blew a quarter bil at the Grate Pork.

    • No Love For Suhkee

      May 16, 2016 at 6:13 pm


      Dan Chumsky or whatever his name is (you know who I’m talking about….the foolish and barely literate blogger from South County) can embrace in a kiss with Sukhee all night long if he so chooses. It’s still not going to make a difference.

      Suhkee Kang is a shameful opportunist. He’s a losing candidate and is not welcome in the 29th District.

      Newman For Senate!
      No Irvine carpetbaggers! No Kang!

      • Nobody pays any attention to that lackey. I read that illiterate attack on Josh Newman to rpop up Sukhee Kang. Not once did it mention Irvine, the Great Park, or Larry Agran.

        So the question is: if Sukhee Kang is so wonderful, and if he really isn’t a carpetbagger after all, how come he and his followers aren’t bragging about his days spent as Mayor of Irvine?

        Sukhee is too stupid, but his campaign consultant can see the shitstorm coming their way and is just putting off the day of reckoning. And all the public employee union money in the world ain’t gonna keep Sukhee’s crappy little raft afloat.

  5. I see the signs everywhere. Well done.

  6. Just to recap, I’d put 24/7 surveillance on those signs, and by that I mean some guys with iPhones. And baseball bats.

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