Whose Mayor?

It' "local". Local to somewhere!

It’ “local”. Local to somewhere!

Sukhee Kang has a little problem. How do you introduce yourself to the voters when you are trying hard as Hell to keep them from knowing you moved into their community for one reason only: to run for office.

A friend of mine got a piece of political Sukheemail yesterday and quickly recognized that while Sukhee claimed experience as a “local mayor,” he didn’t say where he was mayor, which of course was Irvine – nowhere near the 29th State Senate District.

The new address was somewhere in Fullerton. Everything else was kinda fuzzy...

The new address was somewhere in Fullerton. Everything else was kinda fuzzy…

Most politicians just love to talk all about their accomplishments. Poor Suhhee can’t for two very good reasons. First, his record as Mayor of Irvine was a disastrous kaleidoscope of embarrassment, carrying water for the crooked and yet remarkably inept Boss Agran.

In better days before the Grand Jury report...

In better days before the Grand Jury report…

Everybody now knows about the Great Park failure and all the attendant graft, just like they know about the $16 per ride Irvine iShuttle. Second, Sukhee can’t even mention Irvine anyhow , because if he does, he will just re-emphasize the stinky carpetbagger aroma he has cultivated around himself.

Now there's a clear message!

Now there’s a clear message!

What is poor Sukhee to do?


  1. Carpetbagger

    May 6, 2016 at 1:57 pm

    This is a image stating that Kang has changed his currently held office from Former Irvine Mayor to University Educator/Businessperson. Irvine is not a local city in the 29th state senate district. http://anonpix.com/images/2016/05/06/9Y6sM.png
    (By the way, this is not my ballot)

  2. Diamond Bar Resident

    May 6, 2016 at 2:15 pm

    I’m from Diamond Bar which is in Los Angeles county and part of the State Senate 29th district and we would like to have the No Kang Irvine Carpetbagger signs posted in my city, Rowland Heights, and Walnut which all three cities are part of this district. I have been hearing about this guy lately which I know so far that he moved from Irvine to 29th district just to run for office and I just saw some No Kang Irvine Carpetbagger signs when I was visiting Fullerton a couple days ago. Can you have a sign crew put up these signs in my area so we can get out the voice against Sukhee Kang in the Diamond Bar-Walnut-Rowland Heights area?

    • We’re on it.

      • We would like to have anti-Kang signs in Stanton as well. Don’t forget about Stanton since the city is part of the 29th state senate district and make sure the signs are up too in streets like Beach Blvd, Lampson, Chapman and Katella within Stanton city limits.

  3. Resident of Chino Hills

    May 6, 2016 at 8:06 pm


    I am also one of these residents outside of Orange County and would like to request No Kang signs to be put up all around Chino Hills which is the only city in San Bernardino to be represented in the 29th senate district. I have heard that Kang came from a place where his record doesn’t stand out well and deserves to be vote against because he hasn’t lived in this district for that long. Please don’t forget my city and make sure your sign crew put up the No Kang signs so the word can go out to the voters against Kang.

  4. Stanton Democrat

    May 6, 2016 at 10:38 pm

    Agreed with K Hoang, we also need No Kang signs in my city. Best attention to voters in Stanton is to put up signs at busy streets like Beach Boulevard and Katella Avenue. No Kang! Newman for state senate 2016!

  5. Okay, so he wasn’t a mayor anywhere around here? So what?

    And so what if he lives in a baby mansion on a golf course? We Dems just luv us some limousine liberals!

    Occupy can go blow!

  6. Liberals against establishment Sukhee Kang

    May 7, 2016 at 11:59 pm

    I’m a liberal Democrat from the city of Walnut in the Los Angeles portion of the 29th senate district and I am against establishment Sukhee Kang because of how the Democrat party leaders favors him over Josh Newman who I am supporting for state senate who is more anti-establishment than Kang and he also supports Bernie Sanders unlike Kang who is more likely aligned with Hillary Clinton. Sukhee Kang sucks! I am so sick of party leaders coddling establishment candidates like Sukhee Kang with fundraising and endorsements which is unfair to other Democrat candidates like Josh Newman who is also running for state senate to compete against a GOP candidate. If Kang wins the primary and Hillary wins the Democratic primary, I am threatening to leave to the Democratic party to re-register as No Party Preference and possibly vote third party in the general election or even stay home! Also that, I would like to request No Kang Irvine carpetbagger yard signs to be put up around the city of Walnut because carpetbaggers like him has no place in my district especially with years of incompetency in Irvine city council outside of 29th district! Give me a feedback about the signs and please put up signs before the primary!

    #NoKang #AgainstEstablishmentDemocrats #NewmanForSenate

  7. Reality...Is

    May 8, 2016 at 6:57 am

    The reality is that even if Sukhee gets by the Primary the Republicans are going to open him up like a rotten mango: miserable record in Irvine, a history of elective job seeking and topping it all off with carpetbagging to a gated development on a golf course.

    It’s going to get real ugly for Sukhee and that’s the reality.

    • So what? It’s a presidential election. A lot of dumb Democrats who don’t otherwise will vote for a Democrat no matter who it is or what he did.

      And that’s the way we like it!

  8. Pam Kellar's Less Evil Twin

    May 8, 2016 at 7:24 pm

    No, he’s a useless sack of bird guano.

  9. Anaheim Democrat

    May 10, 2016 at 9:41 am

    I received Kang’s political mailer. It’s shameless and of course, makes no mention of where Kang is from. It shows a smiling Suhkee leaning on a couple of party establishments that do more harm than good to the party.

    It’s hilarious! Who’s idea was that? Garry South? Kang’s infamous and over priced campaign strategist? Is this the best Garry South could cough up? Well, well, well, Garry South slumming and teaming up with a no good Tier IV candidate, like Kang. Now I’ve seen everything.

    • Yes, Sukhee is Tier IV. He’s the Democrats answer to Harry Sidhu, the perpetual candidate with the permanent idiot-grin. Campaign consultant will work for anybody – just as long as the checks clear.

  10. I received that mail. The first thing i wondered was why this guy was pitching some sort of academic angle and said nothing about his record as a “local mayor”.

    He says he graduated from college somewhere, that he was in somebody else’s army, that he was named Father of the Year by somebody.

    Not a single word about what he did in IRVINE.

    • Don’t forget – he “wrote” a book about his breathtaking accomplishment – selling steros to being a handy political puppet for the crookedest regime in OC history.

      Author! Author!

    • Looks like he didn’t mention Korea University since it is not local to Orange County. Same with city of Irvine, That’s not local to north Orange County. And for serving the army, Kang did not serve in our army. He served in Korea’s army.

      • Actually, to be accurate, Sukhee Kang served in the army of a dictatorship where military service was mandatory.

        You can try to polish that turd, but it wont hold a shine.

    • Anaheim Democrat

      May 11, 2016 at 7:43 am

      The pushing of the academic angle is likely Sharon Quirk-Silva’s influence. She’s endorsed Kang’s campaign for Senate. She encourages Kang and is his designated mentor on how North OC politics works.

      Quirk-Silva is a teacher in the City of Fullerton. She typically cheerleads for the schools though we now know how empty her rhetoric really is. She sold all of us in her district out by hopping onto the Kang bandwagon at the behest of OC Democratic Party leadership and Sacramento bagman Anthony Rendon and the promise of support for her campaign for Assembly. She showed precious little thought or regard for the fact that Kang is a fool who screwed up BIG time in Irvine or that Kang is an inept puppet of the Democratic Party.

      The collaboration between the two of these “fine” leaders was drummed up so that the Kang Team would help Quirk-Silva with the Korean vote and the Quirk-Silva Team would help Kang with the Hispanic vote.

      I would imagine that a consultation with Ms. Quirk-Silva resulted in her telling Kang to play up the education angle.

      • No doubt The SquirkS is just following orders from on high.

        The education angle is funny because it is so obviously drummed up. As mayor in Irvine Sukhee Kang had no role in educating anybody. Then he made a commencement talk at UCI (fixed) and got a phony “professor” job at Chapman (fixed) where he really sucks. That is the sum and substance of his academic accomplishment.

        Oh, yeah. And he paid somebody to write and publish one of those fake books.

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