1. Wow, what a desperate ego this clown has. Really? School board? Well I believe there are still plenty of No Kang Irvine Carpetbagger signs still around. You know, the one with the guy barfing!

    • More like this sign which is used to defeat Rowland Chi (Bad Chi Food Poisoner) which now says “No Kang Carpetbagger”. Source: Found this image on Google Images by searching the name Sukhee Kang. http://anonpix.com/images/2016/06/29/ZxPIG.jpg . Looks like this location where this Bad Chi inspired no kang sign was in Anaheim which is north of La Palma Ave and Magnolia Ave by the 5/91 freeway interchange.

  2. Just Off Euclid

    July 1, 2016 at 8:30 am

    Bring it on. No friends, no record, no nothing.

    Take up golf you idiot, at least you live on a golf course.

  3. If Sukhee Kang runs for Fullerton school board in November, we will make sure we have the no Kang signs ready to be put up around Fullerton so we can get the word out against Kang and it would be a different sign besides “No Kang Irvine Carpetbagger”. The new sign will say “No Kang, Funneled millions of taxpayers to political cronies”.

    If Sukhee Kang decides to run for board of supervisors fourth district when Shawn Nelson terms out in 2018, he is not going to have a good showing in the primary and/or general election. Signs will be put up around the district reminding voters that Kang is a Irvine carpetbagger and a different sign saying “No Kang, Funneled millions of taxpayers to political cronies”.

    This website will still be up until Kang decides to retire from politics for good due to lack of ability to win elections in these recent years.

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