Sukhee Wrote a Book!

The next Hemmingway...

The next Hemmingway…

Well, it looks like a book cover. That’s a real powerful possibility.

In reality, it’s one of those stupid and humiliating “vanity” books that you pay to have published to make yourself look good; or at least semi-literate. And nobody is fooled. Ever.

And so “author” Sukhee Kang regales a would-be reader with the utterly unremarkable story of an immigrant who just had the good sense to hightail it out of some Third World mess for greener pastures in States. The story’s been told a million times.

Look closely and please note the reference to Irvine under The Sukester’s elbow : a “major city.” Only in the ego-driven mind of the former Mayor of Irvine does this banal little pond of beige stucco qualify as a major American city. But that fiction goes right along with his claim of Irvine making a fictional FBI “safest city” list.

So far we have seen Sadsack Sukhee as a phony professor. Well hell, Perfesser got to write a book, no? It’s publish or perish for the man whose ballot statement claims to be a “university educator.”





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The Company You Keep… Anaheim Edition

Politicians love to endorse one another. The idea that you are  so darn important that others like you, will support you, seems irresistible.

Sukhee_Kang-face Mr. Sukhee Kang, who moved to Fullerton from Irvine to be our political overlord, is one of them. I visited Sukhee’s campaign website today to see what sort of endorsers I might find supporting this guy.

There is a long list of people up and down the State I’ve never even heard of, and who have probably never heard of Sukhee, except maybe for some plaintive voice over a phone line. But I was interested in a few of the locals who have, ahem, distinguished themselves in local politics – in one way or another.

Two of the more fun characters on the list are Anaheim’s Jordan Brandman and Lorri Galloway. You really have to wonder whether or not having their endorsement is really such a hot idea, politically.

Let’s have a look.

Uh, well, okay...

Um, well, okay…

Jordan Brandman is a first-term councilman in Anaheim, the petulant, wholly-owned subsidiary of Curt Pringle’s money machine. Apart from being a really peculiar and annoying third tier local politician, he is also a swindler. He grabbed $25,000 from the taxpayers by  pretending to do a “study” for County Clerk Tom Daly; it was a scam; a phony, largely plagiarized report that only existed as a pretext to funnel $25K into Brandman’s pocket. When busted, he had to go through the motions of pretending to actually finish what he started, even though he had already been paid. Nice. Check it our here, here and here.

The closer you got the worse it looked.

The closer you got, the worse it looked…

Lorri Galloway used to be on the Anaheim City Council. Folks in north Orange County may recall  bubble head Galloway’s comical efforts to establish a residency in the 4th Supervisorial District back in 2010. It took her three times to get it right, and even then nobody believed the Anaheim Hills princess lived among her would-be subjects. Of course this was at the end of a long chain of duplicity that starts off with  purloining a house from her auntie in Monterey County and waiting for the woman to die so as to dodge the inconvenient court order to pay her back.

We’ll be sharing the profiles of other locals who think it’s peachy for an Irvine carpetbagger to represent us in Sacramento.

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