Sukhee Kang, Irvine carpetbagger

There must be something we’re doing wrong up here in northwest Orange County. For some reason we attract the losers and cast offs from other areas who think they can come here to further their greasy political ambitions.

In 2009 it was Linda Ackerman, wife of termed-out Dick who decided to fake a residence in Fullerton to run for State Assembly. Then, in 2010, Harry Sidhu and Loraine Galloway, two residents of Anaheim Hills, created a total of FIVE fake addresses between the two of them to run for County Supervisor.

Now we witness the almost comical spectacle of Sukhee Kang, former mayor of Irvine, former failed Congressional candidate in south OC setting up shop in Fullerton to take advantage of what he must consider to be a bunch of rubes.

Larry Agran as the wheels were falling off...

Larry Agran as the wheels were falling off…

You see, Sukhee was a hapless puppet in the slimy regime of Boss Larry Agran in Irvine – you know, the crew that wasted $250,000,000 on a “Great Park” that turned out to be a dirty orange hot air balloon on a rope and some palm trees. Yes, you read that right: one quarter of a billion dollars, right down the proverbial rat hole.

Once you get past the hot air, there isn't much left...

No park, just hot air….

By 2012 the jig was up, the heat was on and  the bank vault was empty. Some of the culprits headed for higher ground.

Sukhee packed up his minivan and quit Irvine one night awhile back when nobody was looking, and hopped up north with the sole intent to represent a bunch of strangers he knows nothing about in the State government. He is running to replace Bob Huff in State Senate District 29.

Now that’s not very good, is it?

Sukhee must believe voters up here don’t know anything about his record in Irvine, and his role in that greatest of all OC boondoggle fiascoes, the Great Park. And given the fact that nobody up here knows who in the Hell he is, he might be right.

So it is our proud mission here at Sukhee Watch to inform the citizens and voters of the 29th State Senate District all about Mr. Kang – his record of failure and his obvious disdain for the likes of you and me.